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Do you need a punctual, skilled handyman for a reasonable rate?
Do you have a problem you need solved NOW?

“If Anyone Can, the Handyman Can”

John M. Lilly has 30+ years experience in multiple trades.
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Plenty of people say they can do home repairs and remodeling, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish.

Quality Work

Whether it’s re-decorating, re-painting,  renovating a room or making an everyday home repair, choose the professionals qualified to do the job.
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Choosing the right handyman means peace of mind. Our reliable handyman services are performed by a highly skilled craftsman. So you can be confident about calling us because we guarantee our work.
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Honest Billing

Our Time Plus Materials Billing Method ensures that you pay only for the time spent working on your home, not an inflated estimate.
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We are experienced in hundreds of different types of home repairs and other related services.
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“If Anyone Can, The Handyman Can”